Posts Written OnMay 2015

In Grandma Anna’s Bay: Jungle of Ostrich Ferns

On the homestead we have about 5 acres of woods and lake front property which includes a wooded bay that my great grandma Anna would often take a stroll through. Descending the hill in the summer it feels like you are entering a jungle of some kind with the hundreds of ferns, all different kinds, that cover the ground floor. It’s a rather spectacular sight but wouldn’t be nearly as spectacular without the ostrich fern. I remember as a kid how fun it was to wade through them since they were almost as tall as me at the time. They certainly have multiplied since then! It’s this time of year that they are just beginning to poke through the ground and the carpet of last year’s leaves, and soon they will start unfurling their fronds. Read More

30 Minutes to Rise and Shine… Cinnamon Bun style!

Having a craving for fresh, warm and gooey cinnamon buns? Of course you do; we all do I think! But when will we ever have time for that? Like never I thought, until I found and tried this super quick, super yummy recipe for 30 minute cinnamon buns! Having only antenna TV, PBS cooking shows are often on and this recipe was demonstrated as I was slowly eating my breakfast one morning. It looked so good, they were done so fast… I couldn’t ignore those buns! So that morning, right after breakfast, I had to throw together my own batch and I gotta tell ya, they were a huge hit with my family! Definitely going to make more soon! Read More