What’s Behind the Name?

The name Taste of SunSugar combines the many different but similar goals of this blog. The first and foremost goal of this blog is to give a little peek into what goes on at my family’s fruit and vegetable farm and roadside farm market where we sell the produce we grow directly to customers.  Our goal is to provide a taste of sunsugar in each bite, consistant, top-notch quality, and same-day freshness. Everything we grow is as good as if you grew it and picked it yourself!

Our first patches of sweet corn are coming along nicely!

And with growing up and working on a farm with so diverse of crops I have come to know a good deal about all kinds of fruits and vegetables from growing to harvesting them, to preparing and cooking them, and of course eating them! This blog will be a place where I share what I’ve learned from first-hand experience and from working side by side with the best farmer I know–my dad!  There will be many gardening how-tos, step-by-step guides on preparing and preserving the harvest, and tons of tried-and-true recipes!

Roadside Market
View from the road of our roadside farm market, Magicland Farms.

Of course, where there is a farm there is a homestead and everything that goes into making a home a home also makes the farm the farm. I also want to share from time to time what we’ve been up to on the homestead in the way of work and play, as well as DIY projects including building, repairs, sewing, art, crafts, hobbies and lots more.

View from our home, overlooking a quiet lake on a crisp fall day.

Now, perhaps some of you, especially you tomato lovers out there, find the name SunSugar as oddly familiar. Well, yep, that’s because it’s also the name of a cherry tomato that we grow on our farm and sell at our market. This little yellow tomato is so dang sweet that you can eat it like candy, no kidding! It’s really as the name implies, sun sugar!

SunSugar cherry tomatoes, still green but coming along!
Sun-ripened Sunsugar
SunSugar cherry tomatoes ripening in the field.
SunSugar cherry tomatoes for sale at Magicland Farms.