Christmastime, what makes this time of year so darn nice?

The start of my Christmas week was blessed first with good weather and second with my sister Catherine coming home from college after long weeks of finals. We were able to get our biggest seed order taken care of (seven more orders to go!) and the farm stand closed up for the year. Then the howling wind came the night before Christmas Eve, storms blew in and out went our power. Yet, I still was thankful because that’s all that happened, we didn’t suffer any damage nor was the weather bitter cold. We got our big generator going and we were even able to make Christmas cookies, apple sauce, rolls, and winter squash soup! Pretty awesome if you ask me!



Jingle, jingle, Christmas day rolls around. Mass was beautiful, the carols were still playing over and over in my head on the way home, and the house was warming up quickly with the fires burning brightly. My brother Matthew even went out fishing in the crisp fall-like weather, wide open water, and bright blue skies! No keepers but he enjoyed it, at least to say he went fishing in the boat on Christmas Day! ha Well in the meantime, like busy bees, my sister and I started getting things set for the big Christmas feast. We were still out of power but the generator was going. And in order not to tax the poor generator we had to juggle the oven, one burner, and dishwasher so that was rather interesting, but we got the meal on the elegantly set table by 12:30 noon. Booyah! :) Made up of salad, rolls, apple sauce, fresh pineapple, soup and then the ham, not necessarily in that order, and maybe a couple times over for each. lol

Inevitably with so much good food someone had to pose the question “so what’s your favorite part?” Well, everything was equally good cuz everyone was seated around the table and just enjoying each other and talking and laughing. That’s the best part. Being with loved ones. That’s what makes Christmastime so darn nice. When family gets together, everyone is naturally happier and naturally more joyful. It’s such a beautiful, beautiful thing.

After the good food, gifts were exchanged and lottery tickets were passed around. Yes, lottery tickets ha. It’s a things in our family from waaaay back. As everyone was revealing they had lost yet again (out of 17 cards there were 6 winners… mmmhmm)  the electricty came back on. What perfect timing! Consumer’s Energy, you guys are awesome!! I remember a long time ago (I could barely see out the storm door window) we had a snow storm at this time and it took out our line right by the house. But those guys still brought their truck out and got us patched up on Christmas. We were pretty amazed and so thankful. I am sure my momma made them something warm and yummy that day.

After a peaceful Christmas nap my sisters and I took our annual Christmas stroll around the lake. Catching the warmth of the sun here and there, it was a beautiful evening to just enjoy each other. Got back for cookies and tea and a board game with everyone. We decided on one of our old ones, Fishin’ Time. Way too many “lose a turn” cards and I didn’t win and I hate not winning, but it was fun nonetheless… I guess… I didn’t win afterall. lol After most retired for beddie bye my sisters and I rounded out the day by snuggling up to the TV to watch a movie.

Christmas day could have happened quite differently, could have done different things, could have had a different meal, could have received different gifts or no gifts, could have had a sparkling blanket of snow, but the end result would have been the same, because really and truly, what makes this time is being with loved ones. I love my family and I have my Lord to thank for giving me what I have and blessing me with time to enjoy it all.