About Me

Howdy everyone!

IMG_20150811_180637It’s Bernadette, just a little ol’ country gal from Michigan who feels both proud and blessed to be able to call herself a farmer’s daughter. Taste of SunSugar is a blog of a modpodge of living and working on the farm before and now, sharing my experience and first-hand knowledge of farming, working with my family as an unbreakable team, expressing myself through my endless hobbies and interests including art, writing, crafts, gardening, cooking, and photography, living out my Faith, bringing life to my many ideas and hopes and dreams.  You will, no doubt, see this blog evolve as time progresses and goals are made, and to be able to share it all with you will be pretty awesome for me (and I hope you as well!). I am looking forward to making friends and becoming part of the ever growing blogging community.

So, yes, probably wondering about this whole farming background I keep speaking of. I could give you a rather long discourse, but I think it would be better to share a little bit here and there as I keep blogging… Oh, you think so too? Well, that’s good. :) Okie doke, so my dad, it all starts with my dad. He started the fruit and vegetable farm, which I continue to work and manage to this day with my brothers and sisters, back in the 70s. When his favorite farm stand closed he was not able to satisfy his summer craving for fresh sweet corn. Very big dilemma. Big enough that he could do nothing but buy a farm and plant sweet corn himself. That was the beginning.

But we aren’t a commercial fruit and vegetable farm. No, my dad was born with owning-his-own-business in his blood. We sell what we grow at our own farm stand that is located right on the farm. Pretty sweet setup right there. Although, like most founding stories it didn’t begin the way it is now. The selling part of his farm biz started when my dad sold his first watermelon from the back of his Buick Wildcat. I kid you not. It wasn’t until he married my momma that the current market place we sell at was born.

So yea, my dad, who has a Masters in Electrical Engineering and was at the peek of is electronic hobbyist writing career, made the decision of farming for a living, and sealed my fate of becoming a farmer’s daughter. Thanks dad. ;)