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Grandma’s Chocolate Syrup

 something so good can be put together in a matter of five minutes then it just makes it that much better! My family loves chocolate and Grandma’s recipe for chocolate syrup is no exception. I personally enjoy the syrup just by adding it to milk for a glass of chocolate milk (maybe dress it up with some whipped cream :) ) or heating it up for a mug of hot chocolate. But there are so many other ways to use this syrup… my sister will pour it over cake and let it soak in! And then there is just the simple drizzle over ice cream or the stir it in for one of the best chocolate milk shakes! Yep, Grandma did good! :) Read More

Why are Winter Squash Called Winter Squash?

I don’t know about you, but during the winter months I always look forward to enjoying a meal that makes you think it isn’t winter. And I can think of only one way that can happen, making a dish using some fruit or veggie that has been stored or preserved to keep its fresh and delicious goodness. Winter squash is a veggie (techincally a fruit, but we won’t go there right now) that warms up the kitchen, saturates the air with a sweet rich aroma, and satisfies the craving for a healthy, fresh-from-the-farm meal. Winter squash is considered a starchy food, but it is also very high in sugars and over time the starches will convert themselves to sugars, making the squash that much sweeter. How sweet is that?! They are called winter squash for the shere fact that, if stored properly, they can keep through the winter months until you are ready to eat them. Read More